Where Dreams Meet the Business of Writing

writerszen3We are writers. Our goals, ambitions and achievements are diverse. We may blog for pleasure, or for profit. We may be published; we may be striving to be published. We may be self-published or traditionally published. We may have one book; we may have dozens of books to our credit. We may write for pennies a word; we may write for a dollar a word. We write because we must.

Whatever our writer’s journey is, regardless of how smooth or rocky the path is, mediation can help our writing life.

Meditation can:

  • Increase our creativity
  • Develop our intuition
  • Improve our learning
  • Increase our memory retention
  • Increase our productivity
  • Increase our self-awareness
  • Give our writing additional depth and focus
  • Increase the energies and flow of our life
  • Enhance our energy and vitality
  • And much, MUCH more!

Meditation is free. Yes, there are many guided meditation CD’s available for purchase. But there are also many free downloads at our disposal.

Meditations are best with consistent practice. While one doesn’t have to meditate daily to gain any benefits, the more regularly one practices, the more benefits one receives. I’ve noticed improvements with meditating 3-4 times a week.

Meditations can last anywhere from five minutes to an hour or more. Typically I find my meditations range from fifteen to thirty minutes.

Take a moment to reflect on your journey. Are you where you want to be? Can meditation provide awareness to yourself, your relationships, and your life? Can an increased awareness add depth, character and flavor to your writing? Then, follow along. Let’s learn and grow as writers together, surrounded with an aura of peace and compassion.

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