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TT_August prompt

The Sea’s Ying and Yang

The waves rolled in, spilling white, frothy foam before Janna’s feet, lapping at her toes before gracefully receding to the depths whence they came. They gently approached, closer and closer, bringing peace in their rhythmic march, a stark contrast to the frenzied pace of her writing life.

Janna’s writing life oftentimes felt like the sea at its worst; turbulent and fierce, threatening to drown her and wash her out to the indigo basin.

  • Deadlines on top of deadlines, overlapping and appearing as the days sped by,
  • Fastidious editors requiring rewrites and a never ending stream of edits,
  • Photos that don’t upload, or images that don’t meet the high resolution standards of different print outlets,
  • Queries unsent, pushed to the bottom of the pile, choked out by the overwhelming tasks needing immediate attention, much as the fragile garden blossoms are quickly overgrown by the all-consuming progression of weeds,
  • Novels and stories sequestered in the gray furrows her of mind, held hostage by the need to make money to provide a roof over her head and food for her pantry,
  • Writing groups and critique partners – one of the joys of a writer’s life – yet the time demands often conflicted with the ‘butt in the chair’ mentality needed to move forward with her current WIP.

Janna continued to watch the waves, mesmerized by their progress, gently overtaking the sandy footage, slowly and insidiously creeping. The following retreat, as steady and relentless, offered a counterbalance to the waters forward movement, much as the yin and yang throughout the universe.

She realized that her life must also be counterbalanced by serenity and calm. The sea’s fury is mitigated with its soothing, peaceful tide. As the ocean contains both spectrums of nature – the wild and the zen- so must our lives as writers.

Comments on: "Tuesday Tales: The Sea’s Ying and Yang" (16)

  1. So eloquently stated. Beautiful and very true. Writers need a balance of both. Ah, I wish I could get it! LOL. Lovely piece.

    • Thank you Jean.
      Yikes, saw all your travels, back from Vegas, and off again in a few days. You need some serenity right now, don’t you?
      Sending you a piece of the peaceful zen of the ocean.

  2. Wonderfully written!

  3. This is such a great description of my life.

  4. Beautifully written and so accurate. Nicely done.

  5. I think I’m going to print that out and put it where I can see it when I write. It is so true. Awesome.

    • Thanks Tricia! Sometimes difficult to juggle, especially since our writing isn’t usually contained in the parameters of a 9-5 job, where it ends once we leave the doors.

  6. Oh this had me laughing since I’m right where she is at the moment. Not enough time and deadlines looming. Great topic.

  7. love the comparisons.

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