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Tuesday TalesTuesday Tales prompt of the week: GLASS

I’m cheating with this entry. I’m in the midst of wrapping up a contest entry for a Quirky Romance.  So I’m using a portion from the draft I’m working with. I’m bending a little and using a portion that has ‘glasses’ in it. If quirky is what they want, quirky is what they’ll get, so this ms is a little outside of my usual genres.

In this scene, Paige and Lucy are comparing notes about Anna, Lucy’s soon to be ex, and Paige’s best friend from high school. Paige was curious about her old friend’s lifestyle and it went from asking questions, to ending up in a cyber-affair. After seeing the true Anna, Paige ends it with old-friend Anna. She finds herself friends with Anna’s partner. Lucy, who was tired of the thirty years of cheating she’d endured, had installed spyware on Anna’s computer and was discovering more than she’d ever imagined.

Hope it meets the ‘quirky’ requirement. For those of you that prefer the traditional romances, sorry about that. Next week, we’ll return you to your regularly scheduled programming. For more tales from talented writers across all genres, see more Tuesday Tales here.



computer sexLucy burst out laughing. “Sorry! I’m not laughing at you. I had to ask because I wondered about it. It’s because I found out that computer sex might not be as ‘safe’ as you thought it was.”

“Huh? I don’t follow you.”

“You know how we’ve both suspected there was more to Anna and Lonnie’s relationship than she let on?”

“Oh yes, we’ve both talked about that, her connection with her ‘mom’ she called her, that she couldn’t seem to let go of. I never asked her to not be her friend, but just don’t be chatting to her in one screen when you’re getting all lovey with me in another. I can understand the theory of multi-tasking, but I’m sorry, that’s just one thing you don’t multi-task with.”

“Let me tell you,” Lucy continued. “We were both right. There WAS more to it than feeling like she was a mother. And the sad thing, I even paid for a trip for her so Anna could go meet her ‘mom’ in person for a week. And now, I’m reading this right here, there’s written proof that she really went to try to have an affair with her!”

“No!” Paige exclaimed. “But I thought she was an old woman.”

“She is. She’s like in her 70’s. And married. But I’m reading right now where they’re talking about the trip and Anna’s telling her to never admit to it. And Lonnie’s commenting about being sorry that she just couldn’t get ‘the tongue thing’. I’m almost sick to my stomach. Not the age thing, I know there’s lots of people that fall in love with people many years older than themselves. But you don’t think of someone as your mother, and then go try to have sex with them!”

“But I don’t think Anna really did think of Lonnie as her mother. I think that was just a cover to explain all the time they spent together and that’s something that would be acceptable to you. Which obviously it was, because this ruse worked for several years … and got her a trip to go see her in person.”

“Yeppers. You’re right. It did work. BUT ….” Lucy was guffawing and almost couldn’t utter the words, “You have to get this … this is what I really called to tell you … they had children together!”

“They had children together? How can lesbians have children together? I mean, I know they can. But not in one visit, not like that, and not with Lonnie’s age.”

“They did! It’s right here, on the pages I printed out this morning. They’re invisible children, one boy and one girl!”

“Oh my god. I never would have believed that one. You sure you’re reading it right, you don’t need glasses or anything?”

“Nope. It’s all right here. They even have names. In fact, last night they were decorating the Christmas tree and the little boy … what were their names … I have to go back and re-read to find their names … but the little boy was asking where his ‘daddy’ was. And Anna typed back ‘tell him his daddy’s right here and I’ll see him soon’.”

“Goodness, it’s a good thing I’m sitting down. That is just ludicrous!”

“Yeppers, it sure is. I thought you’d get a laugh out of this. So see, computer sex isn’t safe. You could have gotten pregnant after all!”

“Whew! I dodged a bullet with that one,” Paige chuckled.

Comments on: "Friends with Benefits – Tuesday Tales: glass" (20)

  1. cute! I love it. Computer sex making you pregnant is hilarious.

  2. This is hilarious! Computer sex isn’t safe! Great story, different and engaging.

  3. Sherry Gloag said:

    This is a hoot. Enjoyed a good laugh. Thanks

  4. LOL! Cute! Definitely a hoot 😀

  5. Definitely a cute and interesting story

  6. funny and engaging dialogue

  7. Awesome! Loved it – especially the computer sex not being safe part!

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