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Tuesday TalesWelcome back to TUESDAY TALES! The word prompt for this week is ‘evergreen’.

Here’s another snippet from Friends with Benefits, a quirky romance submitted for a contest.

Paige, after living a straight life for fifty years, is curious about life ‘on the other side of the fence’.  She ends up in a cyber-affair with Anna, her old friend from high school. After discovering how much Anna lies to her, she sends off an email in the middle of the night ending their online relationship – and friendship.

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nursery_evergreensCustomer and plants, they merged together into a blur. Paige fought to retrieve plant data from the depths of her brain when helping the customers choose their selections. Luckily the plant palate was slimmer now, consisting of a few hardy popular plants, some winter friendly annuals, the familiar stand-by evergreens, cactus tucked safely away in the heated greenhouse and the burgeoning areas of live Christmas trees. In between customers, far from the dense crowd of spring and summer shoppers, the staff huddled in the sales shack around the little heater. Paige filled Ed and BJ in on the current events with her now-ex-never-been-with lover. Half of the time she fought tears from surfacing and streaming down her cheeks. The other half of the time she felt relief that this was over and life would soon resume its steady, routine, boring course.

By lunch time the calls numbered in the twenties.

Paige maintained her determination and did not answer a single call. A few times she felt her fingers straying towards the keypad. She caught herself, slapped herself on the back of the hand, and sat the phone back down on the seat.

Back in the sales shack after lunch, Paige looked up as a florist delivery truck parked in front of the nursery gates. A uniformed driver appeared at the sales window holding a huge bouquet of large pink roses, a dozen of them, and a little stuffed teddy bear attached to the front of the vase.

“Delivery for Paige,” he said.

Mesmerized by the profuse bouquet, Paige signed at the X on the clipboard, wondering who sent the flowers. Anna, to woo her back, or Dave to celebrate the happy, for him, news?

Ed’s face peered over her shoulder. “Open the card, open the card!”

With fingers slightly shaking, Paige slid a thumbnail under the edge and opened the mystery card.  Displayed in some random Arizonian handwriting were the words: I love you! Please call me. We can work this out. Love, Anna

Ed looked at Paige. Paige looked at Ed. They both turned in unison and stared at the roses, the symbol of Anna’s begging for Paige’s forgiveness of her transgressions and acceptance of their togetherness.

“You going to call her?” Ed questioned.

“Don’t do it,” BJ added. “Don’t settle for a relationship that is less than you deserve. If she’s been untruthful with you now, she’ll always be.”

“Are you going to take the bouquet home?” Ed asked.

“No. I can’t take them home and throw them in Dave’s face. He’s been through enough with all of this. I’ll throw them away. Maybe tomorrow. After all, I’ve never gotten flowers from a girl before.”

Comments on: "Tuesday Tales – Evergreen" (2)

  1. Sherry Gloag said:

    Wow, this is packed with emotion, and a very vivid piece of writing, having worked in a garden centre this took me right back there.

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