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Tuesday TalesWelcome to TUESDAY TALES. For our first prompt of the new year, we’re writing to the prompt ‘toes’.

When we left Fat & Sassy right before Christmas, Mae had a Christmas program that Bea couldn’t attend, because of the new baby, Evan Lee. For this prompt, we’re jumping ahead a few years. Much to the family dismay, little Evan – who was premature – died at only a few months old. Three years pass before another child joins the family. Join us today for the birth of Alvin Dale, then return to TUESDAY TALES for more stories.


October 4, 1946

baby toesMae skipped to the corner of Leadora and stopped. She called back to Helen who was lagging behind, “Hurry up slowpoke.”

Helen giggled. “I’m coming, I’m coming.”

“You know we’re supposed to walk together. Where’s Bill?” Mae hollered back.

“I don’t know,” Helen said. “He disappeared with his friends as soon as the school bell rang.”

A few blocks later, Mae still in the lead, stopped and yelled to her sister, “There’s cars at the house. I think one is Dr. Hightower’s car!”

Helen hurried to catch up with her older sister and they ran to the house together. “It’s Uncle Floyd’s car too.”

They jumped up the step and flung the front door open. “Whoa, there. Slow down,” Casey said, sitting on the couch with Uncle Floyd, watching Tom and Ida playing on the floor in the middle of the room. “Where’s the fire?”

The girls came to a screeching halt. “We saw the cars,” Mae said as the girls hurried over to Uncle Floyd and enveloped him in a huge hug. “Why is the doctor here? Where is Aunt Gene?”

A smile filled Casey’s face. “They’re both with your Mother right now. You have another little brother.”

A baby’s cry sounded from the bedroom, as if on cue.

“Can we go see him?” the girls asked in unison.

“Not yet. Soon. Why don’t you fill up our coffee cups while we’re waiting?”

The girls hurried to their room and dropped their school books on the bed. Returning to the living room, Mae and Helen picked up the men’s empty coffee cups and headed towards the kitchen, heads swiveling towards their parents closed bedroom door. By the time they returned with steaming cups of coffee for their father and uncle, Aunt Gene appeared in the doorway holding a bundled, bawling little boy.

She walked across the room, turning to show off the newborn she carried so carefully.

“Alvin Dale,” Casey proclaimed. “He’s Alvin Dale Jones.”

The children gathered around, examining the tiny little boy. Dr. Hightower appeared in the doorway, clasping the top of the of his well-worn black leather case. “What do you think of your new baby brother, youngins?”

“He’s so tiny.”

“He’s so loud.”

“Another boy?”

A worried look flitted across Mae’s face. “Is he going to be all right? He’s not going to die like Evan Lee, is he?”

Dr. Hightower crouched down next to Mae. “No child, he is going to be fine. Evan Lee was too early and didn’t have a chance. This baby is fit and healthy. He’s going to be just fine. He’s got all his fingers and all his toes. He’ll be following you around the house before you know it.”

He stood up and patted the top of her brown tousled head. “Go see for yourself. Go meet your little brother.” As the family gathered around Aunt Gene and the baby, they never noticed Dr. Hightower taking his quiet leave.

The Jones family was back to even numbers – three girls and three boys. Glendora would never be the same once the Jones’ girls and Jones’ boys grew up, but no one in the house realized it at that moment, all thoughts were centered around the red, wrinkled little Alvin, the newcomer to the family.


Comments on: "Fat and Sassy: Another baby brother" (15)

  1. Thank goodness this babe is healthy! Wonderful post.

  2. So glad all is well for the new little one!! Can’t wait to see what havoc these kids bring about 😀

  3. Lovely scene. 🙂

  4. What a wonderfully happy scene.

  5. so glad the baby is healthy!!

  6. Nice scene indeed 🙂

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