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Tuesday TalesIt’s TUESDAY TALES! Thank goodness for Tuesday Tales. Sometimes this is the only writing I get done during the week. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘meat’. I’m continuing with my current WIP, Fat and Sassy, the tale of Bea & Casey Jones raising six children, often without the proverbial ‘pot to pee in’.

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roastFebruary 1947

What to do? What to do? What on earth possessed me? Bea silently fretted. O, Lordy. Why in heavens name did I invite Annie and Johnnie over for supper?

There was barely enough food to feed the growing family – let alone to serve guests. It was Casey’s birthday though, and she knew that he’d enjoy a nice meal with his sister and favorite brother-in-law. After all, that’s about all the celebration there would be. She did have a nice dress shirt and tie tucked away. A few months back, Sister Nelson, from the church, brought over some of Brother Nelson’s shirts that were too small. One shirt looked brand new. You couldn’t even tell it had been worn. There was a nice striped tie nestled in amongst the much welcomed dress shirts. Bea tucked the best shirt and lone tie back in a drawer, saving it for a special occasion. They weren’t brand new, but they were new for Casey. He’d look so handsome at church Sunday with his new shirt and tie on.

Bea shifted sleeping Alvin on her lap, tucking the thin, well-worn receiving blanket around his legs. “Ona Mae, c’mere,” she called towards the back of the small house.

Mae appeared next to the rocker as if by magic. “What mama? Do you need a diaper?”

“No. Go git my coin purse. I need you to run over to the little green store for me.”

In a flash, Mae was back, holding Bea’s small clasp coin purse towards her. “What do you need, Mama?”

Bea unsnapped the clasp and counted two crumpled dollar bills. She shoved them back inside, amidst a bulging collection of pennies and nickels. “I need a roast for yore Daddy’s birthday supper. There should be enough here. Ask Mr. Bolton for a nice cut of meat.” She handed the meager collection of money towards Mae. “Here, take this with you. Be careful. Don’t lose it on the way. That’s all we have.”

Mae bounced towards the door, the little leather satchel clutched tight in her fingers.

“Take Bill and Helen with you,” Bea added as an afterthought. “And wear your sweaters. The wind is blowing today. Winter’s not over yet. The groundhog saw his shadow a few weeks ago.”


Comments on: "Fat and Sassy: Casey’s Birthday Dinner" (23)

  1. Love the dialogue and thoughts in this scene. The characters are so real.

  2. Great stuff here! The dialog is perfection.

  3. Love the dialogue and the pride over the “new to him” shirt. Nice, genuine touches as always.

    • Thanks Sarah! I originally wanted her to find these at a yard sale. But I wasn’t sure if there were yard sales in the 40’s. And I know people from the church did donate a lot of clothes to the family, so went with that.

  4. Love the realities of the lack of money but to make it as special as possible . Well done.

    • Thanks Iris. I don’t know a lot of the relationship between my grandpa & grandma. But I do remember my mom saying, “He was her world.” So I figured she’d try to have some special touch in there.

  5. Very visual, it’s almost like I’m there.

  6. I love this slice of life back when. You make me feel like I’m right there. And I identify both with Bea and with little Mae, too. Beautifully written.

  7. well done. I love it. I felt like I was right there – how special that she wants to make her husband’s birthday wonderful even with the last of the coins.

  8. I felt like I was watching them instead of reading. Great TT

  9. wow! Your writing has really evolved- your writing was good before but I see so much growth!!

    • Thanks Kathleen! Between the Keller writing group and Tuesday Tales, I’ve learned a lot.
      Sometimes I’ll be writing and I’ll hear Barbara (from the writing group) speaking in my head going — maybe I’d use a different word here, you’ve used shirt three times so close together.
      That with the regular writing for TT (some weeks, that’s the only writing done!), and the superb writing that I read every week … well, it’s all got to rub off a little, doesn’t it?

  10. Love your imagery and how you worked in the season too. 🙂

  11. It is hard not to feel sorry for this family. How don’t know how I would do with the same kind of income.

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