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My WIP, Fat and Sassy, continues as the Jones Family heads to the stone church in Glendora.

green beansThe next morning Bea roused all the children from their slumber. “Rise and Shine!”

“I wanna sleep,” Bill whined.

“Me took,” Ida chimed in from her bed.

“Don’t give me no sass,” Bea hollered down the hall. “Up and at em! Come eat yore breakfast so we can get cleaned up and head to church.

Tom, the ornery little stinker that he was, was already up and playing, rifling through Bill’s things.

Bill woke up enough to finally realize what Tom was looking through. “Get outta my stuff!” he yelled. With all the commotion, Alvin woke up and started crying.

“Mae, git a bottle for your brother,” Bea yelled.

Helen stood in the bathroom, brushing her hair, oblivious to the confusion.

Everyone finally made their way to the kitchen. As the children sat, eating their oatmeal, Bea was busy in front of the stove, snapping green beans to fill up the Dutch oven. She added a large spoon full of bacon grease into the pot, stirred it in, and placed the cast iron lid on top.

“Dad,” she said to her father, who sat sipping coffee from his saucer. “I’m gonna leave the beans cooking on low while we’re at church. Can you check on it now and then, and make sure it doesn’t boil dry.”

“Shore nuff,” Papa replied. “I reckon I can handle that chore.”

Somehow, all the children ended up in clean clothes, with clean faces and slicked down hair. “Tom, c’mere,” Bea said. He walked over and in a flash, before he knew what happened, she licked her thumb and wiped a smudge off his cheek. “There, that’s the end of that.”

Bea picked up her purse and slid it down to the crook of her elbow. “Casey, carry my Bible,” she commanded, handing her worn leather bound Bible to her husband. She lifted little Evan up to her hip. “C’mon children,” she called. “We need to git on the road iffn’ we’re gonna get to Sunday School on time.”

Comments on: "Fat and Sassy: Gettin’ ready for church" (19)

  1. Love the look into dealing with a large family. I’d have been exhausted!

  2. love the excerpt and the morning rush to get everyone to church. hope papa will be able to look after these beans. 🙂

  3. What a great scene. I can see the chaos going on in your words and Bea don’t take no guff from anyone.

  4. Great peek into a very hectic morning. I can`t imagine what it`s like to get six children up and moving! One is enough for me.

  5. Every week feels like a little glimpse into Americana. I love the way you’ve captured their lives. I know you don’t have all the details, but you don’t need them…you’ve captured their personalities and spirits beautifully.

  6. love it! AND I remember the old lick the thumb and clean a smudge from my own mom- I always hated it. LOL

  7. I remember the challenges of getting all the kids ready for church. Bea does a great job. 🙂

  8. such atmosphere you paint with their conversations- haven’t heard the word Holler since forever

    • Thanks Kathleen. That’s what Arkie grandparents do to a person, holler is a word that doesn’t have anything to do with decibels. And also, warsh IS a word lol

  9. I’m hoping he doesn’t burn the beans

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