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Queries, queries – what is a writers life without them? Here’s some handy tips.

Carly Watters, Literary Agent

stock.xchng.1280072 If you follow these tips not only will you avoid the spam filter (which is triggered by strange fonts), but you will make it easy to read and fast to consume.

How To Format Your Query in 5 Easy Steps:

  1. Always use the default settings: remember no italics, bold, or colours.
  2. Capitalize your book title. That way it stands out without having to bold or italicize it and it’s transferrable across all email platforms without confusion.
  3. Keep your query to one page on the screen. That way we don’t have to scroll and it’s easy to consume speedily.
  4. Use a three paragraph format. Paragraph 1: Title, Page Count, Genre, Hook; Paragraph 2: Pitch that reads like back cover copy, not a synopsis; Paragraph 3: Your author bio, it’s okay to call yourself a debut here.
  5. Include a signature with your contact information, website, and social media.

And a few…

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Comments on: "How To Format Your Query in 5 Easy Steps" (2)

  1. And always, always follow the guidelines each agent specifies…

    • Oh so true Liz!! It’s funny, being writers you’d think that we all read very carefully and follow instructions to the n-th degree, being words – our crafting medium. Not true!

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