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B: Business Affirmations

In participation with the A to Z Blog Challenge for 2016, Writer’s Zen is posting affirmations for writers in an A to Z theme. We’ll post every day during April, except Sunday’s – when we all get time off for good behavior.

I hope you enjoy these posts from Writer’s Zen. Check out some of the awesome blogs that are participating in the A to Z Challenge this year. There’s over 1700 blogs participating in the challenge, so I’m sure you’ll find some treasures in there.

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

My writing is my business.

My words have value.

I respect my writing as a business.

I acknowledge the business aspects of my writing.

I am courteous and professional with my clients, agents, and editors.

I am organized.

I manage my paperwork in an efficient and timely manner.

I maintain proper records for my writing career, as one would in any business venture.

As a business person, I meet my deadlines.

I set goals for myself, and my writing business.

I easily prioritize my tasks for the day, accomplishing the most important things first.




Comments on: "B: Business Affirmations" (12)

  1. Great reminder! Thanks for that. I love the poem and will refer to it on those days I’m not focused. Have a lovely day.

  2. You are right, it is important to respect your writing as a business. If someone doesn’t want to think of it in terms of commerce, then respect your writing as an outpouring of your God-given talent. Respect yourself. Great affirmation for B-Day.

    Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge
    B is for Breathe Deep

  3. Yes! I’ve been trying to treat it more like a business – like any job, showing up, shutting up and getting to scratching off those daily goals. Thanks Writer’s Zen!

  4. randommusings29 said:

    Some great affirmations here! A good way to get into the right mind set

  5. What beautiful ways to affirm one’s self as a writer 🙂
    Have a great weekend!

    My A2Zs @ As the Fates Would Have It & Promptly Written
    Follow Me (Ravyne) Twitter|Facebook

  6. Visiting as we begin the #Challenge. I enjoy finding new blogs like yours. If you have time and an interest in hotels and inns, come and see me.

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