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A2Z-BADGE [2016]In participation with the A to Z Blog Challenge for 2016, Writer’s Zen is posting affirmations for writers in an A to Z theme. We’ll post every day during April, except Sunday’s – when we all get time off for good behavior.

I hope you enjoy these posts from Writer’s Zen. Check out some of the awesome blogs that are participating in the A to Z Challenge this year. There’s over 1700 blogs participating in the challenge, so I’m sure you’ll find some treasures in there.

My characters are believable and dimensional.

My characters have real lives.

My characters use all their senses. They see, smell, hear, taste and touch.

My characters are in motion. They act and move.

My characters keep my stories moving forward.

My characters have both flaws and admirable qualities.

My characters are memorable and have their own quirks.

My characters are realistic as they reveal themselves to the reader.

Comments on: "C: Character Affirmations" (10)

  1. I had to say these out loud for myself. 🙂 I particularly like the one:

    My characters are in motion. They act and move.

    Thank you Writers Zen!

  2. It is difficult to give all my characters fleshed out roles and keep them interesting while moving the story forward. Writing is hard! Great list you’ve compiled for character affirmations for C-Day!

    Gail’s 2016 April A to Z Challenge
    C is for Chili Wisconsin-Style (and Characters taking control!)

  3. I love to do in-depth character studies for each character in my novel. It’s really therapeutic as well as invaluable to make the story work. Thank you for the run down. Very useful.

  4. Thank you Trisha so much! They are wonderful affirmations! I look forward to your A-Z blog posts, hopefully I’ll get them day by day as I’m now following you! 🙂

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