Where Dreams Meet the Business of Writing

A2Z-BADGE [2016]


I release my inner child to write with abandon and joy.

Childlike enthusiasm suffuses me.

The words spill forth, rushing to be noticed. Me! Me! Me! They shout. I’m here. Let’s play.

Words tumble out – no inner critic – no editor stifling the spontaneous writing of words, stories, and plots.

Words flow. They tumble. They exalt in their release.

Joy and delight fill my pages.

Writing is play for me – delightful, cheerful, exuberant play.

My joy acts as a phone line to transmit the words from my heart.

joy writing


Comments on: "J: Joy of Writing Affirmations" (12)

  1. Nicola Burggraf said:

    I love “Joy and delight fill my pages”. Written that one on my whiteboard in yellow. My middle name is Joy – I need to remind myself of that sometimes 🙂 Thank you for today’s inspiration.

  2. ‘joy and delight fill my pages’ you couldn’t have said it better, nice post

  3. Joy as a phone line to transmit the words from my heart! How lovely is that Trisha thank you!

  4. This is my favorite part “Words flow. They tumble. They exalt in their release.” I think this is a nice mantra to repeat when you sit down to write. Great blog! I hope I’ll have some more time soon to read the rest.


    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked that one. I understand. I’ve found so many great new blogs through A to Z, but don’t have the time to read back through all the fascinating older posts.
      Have a great day!

  5. I love your dedication to writing. Your introspection and your visualization. It makes so much sense and shows how much you love writing. Wonderful!

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