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R: Research

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

Here’s some affirmations for research. As always, feel free to change any to reflect your own voice and needs.

R: Research

My research adds details to my writing, creating a realistic scene.

Research helps make my characters believable.

I easily locate the sources I need for my research.

The research tools I need cross my path as if by magic.

I make contact with the experts I need that share their experience and expertise with me.

I have a system in place that keeps my research organized and makes it easy to locate key information.

I easily collect the information I need.

I know when I need more research.

I know when to stop collecting data and start writing.




Comments on: "R: Research" (6)

  1. You might have meant this post for fiction writers, but your advice could apply to corporate and nonprofit copywriters just as easily! Having a large base of factual information to work from opens up more angles and themes, which makes telling your story much easier and the end product so much better.

    • That’s true Cindy! And you’re right, I was thinking fiction as I wrote these, but others definitely need to research and easily find resources and information. Thanks for adding that aspect!

  2. Ha I particularly like your last one, I shall be using that one for sure! I wrote about research for R as well and that was one of my short comings… too much research not enough writing.

  3. I love your affirmations–and the cartoon, too. Research is fun, but sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop

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