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In this post I’m going to share a few tips that can improve the experience for readers or increase your followers. These are just tips and my personal recommendation, no need to implement them just wanted you to consider them if you haven’t already.

via Blogging Tips- Readership Tips — The Richness of a Simple Life

Comments on: "Blogging Tips- Readership Tips — The Richness of a Simple Life" (4)

  1. I found this helpful and appreciate your nudge to maximize the possibilities of further readership. I just finished the A to Z Blog Challenge, my 4th year, and always learn something new. Unfortunately for some, off their MISTAKES. After reading your post I want to seriously think of making one day a week a nod to others by reposting etc. Thanks. Glad I am following you and won’t miss out on your Part 2.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed this post Stepheny! It came from The Richness of a Simple Life. I liked it so well that I reblogged it.
      FYI – I’m glad you did an A to Z followup post. (I haven’t yet) Though I visited your site many days through A to Z (not every day, but a lot) I was so busy reading, commenting, and hurrying on to another post that I never noticed your Pintrest and FB links. I’ve amended that oversight & am now following you on each. (You can up your stats by one more number now LOL)

  2. This was great advice and touched on areas I hadn’t even considered. Thanks for guiding us over there 🙂 Have a lovely weekend.

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