Where Dreams Meet the Business of Writing


Last week I wrote about The Five Minute Miracle, a short meditation I was going to try to see if it helped open up my imagination.

The You Tube video I’d found, the Five Minute Miracle, was a short guided meditation that focused on imagination. Nicola asked for feedback to see how it went.

Truthfully…I’m not sure.

I was going to try using this meditation before writing for a week, although a few days I jumped right into work and forgot to start with the meditation. I only did this particular meditation four times before sitting down to write.

It seemed that it helped. But, I also wondered if it truly helped, or if my awareness of it made it seem like it did. You know how your friend gets a new, silver Volkswagen bug…and suddenly, that’s all you see are VW bugs on the road?

I think I’ll need to work with this one more to see if there are any noticeable differences.

Here’s a few affirmations for a writer’s imagination:

  • A colorful imagination makes my writing more interesting.
  • My imagination is fertile ground for creativity in my writing.
  • What I write is even better than I imagine.
  • I use my imagination for positive and creative purposes.
  • My imagination fuels the creations of my words.
  • I have infinite imagination and can visualize the worlds I create with my writing.

Happy creating!


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