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Taking Me Back #IWSG

Today I’m writing for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group’s blog hop. The first Wednesday of each month, we write in inspiration to a question posed by the group’s administrators. If we want to. We don’t need to write in response to the question posed, but I like to use their query as the springboard for the monthly post.

This month we were asked, ‘What do you love about the genre you write in most often?’iwsg

Taking Me Back

Like many authors, I write in several different genres. It depends on what muse I’m listening to that month – or that day. But the genre that keeps calling me, luring me back time after time is historical fiction. Not as historical as in pirates and vikings of long ago, or even Civil War. Although, who wouldn’t love to write the next Gone with the Wind? The historical time frames I enjoy writing ranges from 1900 – 1950, with my all-time favorite period being the post-Depression years. It must have been reading Grapes of Wrath in junior high, which turned into one of my top-five favorite books, and one that I end up re-reading every 5-10 years.

There’s something about writing and researching that pulls me back to an era I personally know nothing about. But I feel like I do. I feel like I lived it. I think I’d like a time machine so I could really travel back in time and live a day in these times past – as long as I can bring my air conditioner and washing machine with me.

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1930 chevy

Comments on: "Taking Me Back #IWSG" (14)

  1. I write mostly mystey/horror, and nothing warms my black heart more than taking a side trip on historical reasearch to an unbeaten path on almost any subject. I have learned many an amazing thing along the way.

  2. Sounds like you have a lot of fun researching for your stories 🙂

  3. That’s an interesting era to focus on. I’ve always been especially drawn to the 1920s. Perhaps someday I’ll set a story in that time period. Happy writing! (and researching)

  4. I think research is an underrated part of the writing process, in terms of the fun it brings. To give a personal example, about a year ago I was researching for a science fiction short story, and looked into the science of space stations spinning to create artificial gravity. There’s some weird side-effects that I learned about – for instance that the process makes it feel like the astronaut is constantly walking up-hill or down-hill, and that turning too quickly can cause dizziness because of the effect the spinning has on the ear… There’s a load of weird little details you can learn when setting out to find out what life would be like for your characters.

    • What fun you’ve had in your research. It seems we both research different things for different purposes – yet the joy of discovery and elation is a mutual by-product of our hours of research.
      Thanks for sharing those interesting facts! Things I didn’t know and now my world is larger.

      • That’s one of the joys of fiction in general, as a writer or as a reader – the ability to develop a broader understanding of the things that are possible. 🙂

  5. You’re the first person I’ve read about who loves historical fiction. I think that’s just great! Also – slightly embarrassed over here – I’ve never read Grapes of Wrath. I’m guessing I should get on it right away?

    • That’s okay – there’s many classics I’ve never read yet either. If you like the era, post-depression years, I think you’d like it. I think most people either love or hate it, depending on what you like to read.

  6. Hi,
    I think most writers when writing their books or before they began writing feel pulled to an era and time where they think they have been there before.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Shalom aleichem,
    Pat G @ EverythingMustChange

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