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Making Me Think #IWSG


Today I’m writing for the Insecure Writer’s Support Group’s blog hop. The first Wednesday of each month, we write in inspiration to a question posed by the group’s administrators. We don’t need to write in response to the question posed, but I like to use their query as the springboard for the monthly post.

This month we were asked, ‘What are your ultimate writing goals, and how have they changed over time (if at all)?’

making me think

Making Me Think

What are my ultimate writing goals? What an excellent question that’s really making me think. I don’t suppose I’ve ever really sat down and tried to clearly define what my ultimate goals were. I wanted to write. I had stories I wanted to tell. And it went from there.

Along the way my current lists have changed. I’ve added stories and books. I’ve added far more than I’ve ever crossed off as deleted. My directions have changed slightly here and there. But I think overall is that I just want to write the stories that are in my heart. Which makes it a very nebulous and undefinable goal.

In order to keep writing, and pay for book publishing, and buy paper and ink cartridges etc. it’s necessary to have some money come in. Hence the articles and submissions for paid writing spots, along with book signings and classes at local libraries.

Eventually I’d love to be able to make a living from my writing, so that the part time job can go away. But yet, without a clear plan, or an idea of how many dollars a month I need and how I’m going to make that number – it’s not likely that it will happen.

Instead of the July goals I currently have of finish the writing workbook for the class at the end of the month, add to Embracing 60, revise Memory Gardens, and organize my short stories into a cohesive list (written, WIP, and dreamed of), I need to add one more goal to July. Search deep within myself and determine what my long-term ultimate writing goals really are.

Thank you Insecure Writer’s Support Group for the kick in the pants (pardon the cliché!) I needed this month that highlights a vague and undefined end wish.

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Comments on: "Making Me Think #IWSG" (8)

  1. TuiSnider said:

    It’s so helpful to reassess our goals every once in a while, isn’t it? Like you, I can get so caught up in my individual writing projects that I forget to pull back and look at my overall goals. ~Tui, dropping by from @TuiSnider on Twitter for IWSG.

    • Whew! I don’t feel so alone. And you – who have accomplished so much in her writing career! You are an inspiration to me Tui!
      (When I’m not chuckling at your Bob stories on FB)

  2. Sometimes when we write down our “to-do list” our goals seem to emerge 🙂 Happy writing!

  3. I think that my main goal is to try and keep the element of fun in my writing.
    Having said that, I think that I also need to consider your words: “Search deep within myself and determine what my long-term ultimate writing goals really are.”
    Writer In Transit

  4. Good luck with your goals!

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