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Guest: Author Chrystyna K. Lucyk-Berger

Four Foxes, One Hound

How much I LOVE Facebook! I get to meet so many people I would never even knew existed, let alone get to virtually-literally travel the world. Chrystyna K.  Lucyk-Berger is an accomplished woman, who is another friend through mutual friends on Facebook.

Welcome, Chrystyna!

Tonette, thanks so much for the invitation. Like you, I marvel at the networking possibilities open to us over social media. I, too, love interviewing fellow authors. I really enjoy learning about how their works develop as well as how they build writing and creativity into their lives.

(Let me add that Chrystyna is recovering from foot surgery done just this week. I offered to postpone the interview, but she’s a trooper , and got it to me yesterday!)

I have the feeling that your life is a good story in itself.  Will you give us a quick sketch of it so far?

I am a…

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LeeAnne James

Pages of the Past

From the June 7, 2019 issue of Pages of the Past

Fortunately for me, I have a dear friend that’s a voracious reader. She also loves to support new authors, local authors, and her favorite authors. So when Cindy met a new to her author at a book signing at her local bookstore, she shared LeeAnne’s new book with me too, and I too learned about LeeAnne James.

Murder at Gatewood is LeeAnne’s debut historical mystery. She joins us today to chat a little about her writing journey and her new book. Welcome, LeeAnne!


Hi LeeAnne. Murder at Gatewood is your first novel – a mystery set in the late 1800s. What drew you to write in this era?

I had actually had the idea for the book for quite a few years but didn’t know what era to place it in. I also didn’t want to make it…

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