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Melissa Face

IMG_8286 Cookies by Shirley Dietz

By Melissa Face

While I am still about a month away from the retail release day of my essay collection on parenting, I Love You More Than Coffee, I have had copies in hand since December. And because I couldn’t wait to get my feet wet (and take advantage of Valentine’s Day shopping opportunities), I have been holding pre-launch events since early February. So far I have been having a blast and learning more about the process than I ever imagined. For anyone who is preparing for a book launch or who is already hosting readings and signings, here are a few things that have worked well for me:

1. Celebrate It! – I treated my first couple of events with the same celebratory attitude as I do my children’s birthday parties. They are pretty similar, after all. From its conception, my book has been…

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Comments on: "Five Tips for Book Events" (2)

  1. Strange how things happen. I was reading your post for the A to Z Challenge and happened upon the next post down about the book events and there was a picture with the caption “cookies by Shirley Dietz”. I know my name isn’t unique but I don’t run across it myself unless I google it. They look like really nice cookies, so my compliments to the baker. Chose to read here because I also love historical fiction.


    • What fun! Even if they weren’t your cookies. (Mine either, I wouldn’t want to post any pictures of my cookies LOL)
      Have a great day!

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