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Twelve Ways to Give Your Words Power

writingFrom: 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing
By: Gary Provost

Twelve Ways to Give Your Words Power

  1. Use Short Words.
  2. Use Dense Words.
  3. Use Familiar Words.
  4. Use Active Verbs.
  5. Use Strong Verbs.
  6. Use Specific Nouns.
  7. Use the Active Voice … most of the time.
  8. Say Things in a Positive Way … most of the time.
  9. Be Specific.
  10. Use Statistics.
  11. Provide Facts.
  12. Put Emphatic Words at the End.

100 Ways to Improve Your Writing explains each piece of advice in greater detail. This writing resource should be in every writer’s library. I don’t use it every day. But when I do refer to this reference, I always find a nugget of wisdom to apply to my own writing.

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