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A Visit with Cari Resnick


Welcome to Writers Zen, Cari! Today, we’d like to chat with you a little bit about your new book of poetry and reflections, The Lord is Good, and talk to you about your writing journey. This is not your first publication, you’ve been published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, several anthologies, and have co-authored a book. What was your first published piece, and how did it change your world?

My first published piece of work ever was actually when I was in elementary school, sometime between 4th and 6th grade. A writer came to our class and talked to us about poetry. I don’t remember all the little details but I do remember writing a very short poem about a strawberry describing human emotions. The writer was surprised with my finished poem and ended up submitting it to one of those huge poetry anthologies and I was published in it. I wish I still had that book. I had loved writing short stories before that, but that experience with the visiting writer and then getting published really sparked my love for poetry and grew my passion for writing even more.

The Lord is Good consists of poems about your faith, and your works in the anthologies are poems, but the book you co-authored, Loving You, A Journey Through Forever, is written in journal entry form. Which is your favorite writing style, and why?

My favorite form of writing is poetry. I love all writing and I definitely dabble in a bit of everything. I can get lost in the world of a story, but poetry has just always come easy to me and has flowed pretty naturally.

How was co-authoring a book different from writing poems?

Co-authoring Loving You, A Journey Through Forever with my sister was a big labor of love on both of our parts and I love that we did it together. Since it was in journal entry form and we each had a character we were responsible for, we depended on one another, she couldn’t write her entry until I finished mine and vice versa.  Writing my poems is totally different.  When inspiration strikes I can get out my journal and pen and write until I can’t write anymore and I’m only accountable to myself for what I get done, which is a blessing and a curse.

As with other authors, writing is not your whole life. You’re the wife of a fireman, and the mother of three young boys – 23 months apart! I remember when I had two young boys, four years apart, and I went back to college and tried to fit in classes and homework around my mothering and how difficult that was. How do you fit writing and poetry into your life while keeping a handle on your sanity?

How do I fit writing into my life while keeping a handle on my sanity? Good question. First off I am not at all sane.  My house is a circus and I’m not sure if I’m the ringmaster or one of the monkeys most days. I have really struggled with finding the time to write or even making the time to write. When my kids were little I thought I would do it during nap time. As my kids got older I thought I would do it while they are at school. And the truth is that at this point, I don’t have a routine or schedule unless I am doing a project that has a deadline. As a writer I have to write when the ideas come to me, which can be so inconvenient. I wish I were more creative during the day, but typically I am most creative in the evening after my people are in bed. Some weeks see more creativity than others. Sometimes I have dry spells for months at a time when all I write are text messages. My mind and my soul craves writing though, and I do have so many thoughts and ideas that need to be let out, often times the two big things holding me back are the laundry and the dishes!

Your poetry in The Lord is Good is an expression of your faith and your love for God. Did your poetry come out of wanting to express your thoughts of living a faith-based life, or were you a poet first and naturally ended up writing about the things in life you were passionate about? Or is that like asking what came first, the chicken or the egg?

I didn’t grow up with any kind of faith in anything. My parents were both non practicing Jews. I first became curious about God in high school after attending my sisters church, but it wasn’t until our oldest was born in 2007 that it struck me hard that I wanted to give my kids more. So my husband and I found a local church that we liked and started attending regularly and it was there that I really learned who God is and His great love for me.  So living a life of faith has inspired my poetry, but my love of poetry came first.

Thank you for joining us today, Cari, and sharing pieces of your life and your writing journey with us. We excited to see you grow – in your love for God, in your role as a wife and mother, and as a writer. Kudos to you for weaving all these aspect together into a life that you’re enjoying living. We wish you all the best in this New Year and new decade!

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Here is one of Cari’s poems from The Lord is Good.

You can find her book on Amazon.

Created For More

By Cari Resnick

You were not created for a 9-5

Or to be a million-dollar woman or man.

Your purpose isn’t in your job,

You are so much more than that.

You were created for God’s love,

To carry out a purpose in His plan.

He has loved you every second since the

Moment you were born.

He didn’t make you to help Him you see,

He made you because He loves.

On days when you’re feeling empty and lost,

Remember, you were created for more.

You were created with gifts and talents,

To be God’s hands and feet on this earth.

You were created to worship,

Created to love,

Created to be loved by God.

So let the God of the universe love you.

Let the creator of the universe use you.

You were created for more.

Author Spotlight: Robin Marvel

robin marvel_speakingToday Writer’s Zen welcomes author Robin Marvel as our guest. Robin is the author of several books focusing on self development and self-esteem. Her newest book, Life Check, contains inspirational tips and steps to improve the quality of anyone’s life.

Robin, you are very open about your less than perfect childhood and you own up to how with your own choices you were a teen mother. You don’t use your past to place the blame on anyone else. With your inner strength and the convictions you have, you chose not to repeat the cycles you grew up with. You’ve succeeded and you use your life to encourage and inspire others. You’re now a motivational speaker (getting busier month by month!) and you’re a published author with five books. 

What was it that gave you the courage to break free from your past and step out into new territory?

My courage to break out of my past and into new territory really came from the desire to live a better life than I grew up in.  I made the choice to not repeat the pattern because I wanted more for myself and especially for my own children.   

How did you discover that you wanted to write your first book?

I discovered I wanted to write my first book because I homeschool my five daughters and I wanted to give them something that focused on building strong self-esteem and something that was really hands on so they had to be involved with the empowerment of their own lives.  I searched for a book but I was unable to find what I was looking for so I decided to write it!

Did your writing lead you into speaking? Or, your speaking into writing?

My writing inspired my speaking.  I started doing hands-on workshops that get people up and active in their own empowerment.  I am all about getting people on their feet, having fun while adding confidence and personal strength!

I see that helping the homeless is one of your passions. You frequently post about food drives and outreach programs that you’re involved in. How did this mission become important to you?

Helping the homeless is a huge passion of mine.  It is so important to me because growing up we were homeless many times and I made the decision when I was in 3rd grade that I would be a helping hand for the homeless.  My goal is not just be a hand out but a hand up by teaching confidence, self-esteem and worth to the homeless.  Giving them a reason to start believing in themselves so they will see and live their potential.  Sometimes people just need a reminder to realize how amazing they really are and that they deserve a great life.

If people aren’t near your local area, are there ways that your readers and followers can help you in your pursuits there?

Everyone can be of help in their own areas as well in my missions. I take donations for the IMPACT kits we supply to the homeless.  The most important way people can help in by taking action in their own areas.  Be the change!

Do you have any advice to encourage people in ways to reach out to their own local community to help others in need?

The best advice to those who want to help is to take action!  You have to get out there and get involved.  There are so many small ways to help those in need. Never underestimate what you can do. Just dropping food off at your local pantry helps put food on someone’s table.  Stop talking and start doing!

In your most recent book, Life Check, you have 7 Steps to Balance Your Life.

* Rock the boat
* Leave your baggage
* Raise the bar
* Push the limits
* Setting life in motion
* Lose sight of the shore
* Live today to create tomorrow

If you had to choose one to implement over all the others, which one would you choose?

It is hard to just choose one because they are all so powerful in the balancing of your life!  They work hand in hand.

What would you like us to know about Life Check?

Life Check is written for everyday people that the world belongs to, the people like you and I who are working every day to live passionately and to experience a life full of happiness, success and joy.  It provides many tried and true methods that I learned the hard way- you know, the old school was of trial and error.  Now I want to share them with you so you can skip the trial and error, wasting no time and start to experience joy, passion and happiness in your daily living.

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Where can people find you and your books?

Robin Marvel


Barnes and Noble

Robin, thank you for joining us today and sharing your heart with us. You’re a phenomenal woman and I’m glad that our lives have crossed in this life. Keep living, loving, growing, and inspiring us all.

Thank you so much for allowing me the opportunity to share with you.  Keep Being Amazing!!

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