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I think I can, I think I can

I think I canToday ‘The Little Engine that Could’ is living in my mind … I think I can, I think I can …

In cutting loose the moorings of a full time job (I was in retail, I can’t technically call it a 9-5, or a ‘day’ job), I also let go of the steady, regular every other week paycheck. Now, looking in the face of ‘YIKES – What did I do?’, I have conflicting emotions.

One part of me is thrilled. No time clocks. No boss giving me random schedules that vary from day to day. All days different. All hours different. No commute. No travel in dicey, icy weather. My commute now is 30 feet from the bedroom to my computer. The only traffic I fight is the pitter patter of kitties dashing in-between my legs.

The other half of me is the one with that knot in the middle of my belly. That, I didn’t expect. I thought I’d lined up finances to where it might be slim for a month or two, but I’d be okay. That was before I discovered – after my final clock-out, that I don’t get to take the personal time I’d accumulated with me. That’s $990 (before taxes) that I’d planned on paying a few bills with over the next few months. Big Gulp!

I’m not going to admit defeat before my first week of full time writing ends. I’m not going to go begging for my old job back.

So I sit here, on Day 4, the wheels frantically spinning … I think I can … I think I can.

Wait! I catch myself. I THINK? There’s an awful lot of doubt in the phrase ‘think’. Where’s the optimism and positive thinking that I profess to have?

I need a major whack upside the head.

It’s time to use some affirmations to enhance my life and ensure that the decision I made to quit a full time job to write full time was the right one.

–I accept a healthy flow of income for myself.

–Tell me how much it is so I can create it. (Borrowed from Michelle Barr)

–I make a good living from doing the writing that I love.

–My writing sustains me. My writing pays my bills and brings me abundance.

–I have the energy I need to complete my writing projects.

–I intuitively take the steps I need to for a successful writing career.

–I see what needs to be done to further my writing – and I do it.

This is it. For a start. I feel empowered already. It’s a lot better than that ‘I think’ state.

writing_I can do anything I put my mind to

Are there any affirmations or positive statements that YOU like to use?

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