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E: Effective Affirmations

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E: Effective Affirmations

Some people have tremendous results using affirmations for many areas of their lives. Others try it and don’t see any obvious benefits. So what’s the real scoop on affirmations? Do they really help?

As in all areas of life, there are techniques and methods that work well for one person and not for another. Affirmations is no different. Just as we all don’t like to eat the same foods – my son loves sushi, I think bleech! – it’s a matter of whether or not something resonates with your inner being, and trying it to see if it works for you.

There are some tips for more effective affirmations.

  • PRESENT TENSE: Keep them in the present tense, and not the future. When we say ‘I will’ we affirming that it is something that is not in our life. It remains forever out of reach, always dangling in the future that lies ahead of us. Instead of ‘My writing will be my business’, make it ‘My writing is my business’. Instead of ‘I will be healthy’, use ‘I am healthier every day.’
  • MAKE IT BELIEVABLE: If our affirmation is for something too far outside of our reach, it’s easy for our mind to discount it and not give it any validity. ‘I am a millionaire’ is too far away from where I am, so my mind just laughs and says ‘Yeah, right!’ The affirmation ‘I pay my bills easily and effortlessly’ is much closer to home and more believable to my doubting Thomas brain.
  • KEEP THEM POSITIVE: Keep your affirmations positive. “I am blessed with abundance’ is more effective than ‘I am not poor.’ We want to keep the ‘nots’ out of our positive statements.
  • SHORT AND SWEET: Short affirmations are easier to remember, hence, we’re more likely to repeat them to ourselves more often throughout the day. A quick ‘I focus on my priorities’ is to the point and easy to repeat often. At first, I had a whole typed page of affirmations that covered many aspects of my personal and business life. It would take five minutes to read the whole page out loud to myself. My goal of reading them three or four times a day ended before the week was out. I’d forget the sheet at home – or in the car. I was too tired. The excuses flowed and my practice ended before it became a habit.
  • USE YOUR VOICE: Use affirmations that reflect your own speaking style. If it’s a good one, but doesn’t sound anything like what you’d say, it’s difficult to own the statement. Rewrite the affirmation using words that you’d use, in a style similar to something you’d say. That makes for more effective affirmations.
  • INTENT AND BELIEF: A huge factor underlying the success of affirmations in our life is the strength of our intent and how firmly we believe that they will improve our life. If we truly don’t believe that it’s possible to achieve the goal before us, repeating the statement a hundred times a day isn’t likely to help.

I hope this gives you some things to think about. Try them out. Choose an area where you’d like to see some positive change. Follow some of the tips above and try repeating the affirmation out loud and writing it down several (many) times throughout the day. Give it a shot for thirty days and see if there’s any noticeable results.


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