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Fat and Sassy: Family Picture Day

Welcome to TUESDAY TALES. This week we’re writing to the prompt ‘mirror’.

In Fat and Sassy we’ve jumped ahead a few years. Bea is a grandmother now and a quick glance in the mirror reminds her that the years are marching along.

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4 generation photo“Bobby pins … where’d I lay those bobby pins?” Bea asked herself, rummaging around the top of the dresser. She picked up a brush and ran it halfheartedly through her hair. Brushing a lock back, she glanced in the mirror and stopped. She slowly laid the brush down all the while intently peering at her image. When did I get to be so old? I’m going to turn forty-two this year, but I look like an old woman. She leaned closer and examined the lines etched at the corners of her eyes. She ran a finger along the sides of her mouth and pursed her lips. Her hands strayed to the silvery locks framing her face, pulling strands out as if amazed at the changing colors.

“I look like my mother,” she grumbled to herself. “Or more like my granny.” She picked up a brown plastic hair comb, pulled her hair back and stuck the comb in her locks. “I don’t have time for this frumpery,” she mumbled and headed out to the main room, not looking in the mirror again.

Papa sat on the sofa, holding a steaming coffee cup between his hands. “What are ya muttering about, gal?”

“Nuttun important,” Bea replied. “You remember that Mae’s bringing little Patsy over this morning and we’re gonna take a four generation picture, don’t you?”

“Ayep. I recollect. That’s a why I’m wearing my Sunday suspenders, all fancied up for this photograph you’ve got yore mind set on.”

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