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A Writer’s Imagination #writing


Last week I wrote about The Five Minute Miracle, a short meditation I was going to try to see if it helped open up my imagination.

The You Tube video I’d found, the Five Minute Miracle, was a short guided meditation that focused on imagination. Nicola asked for feedback to see how it went.

Truthfully…I’m not sure.

I was going to try using this meditation before writing for a week, although a few days I jumped right into work and forgot to start with the meditation. I only did this particular meditation four times before sitting down to write.

It seemed that it helped. But, I also wondered if it truly helped, or if my awareness of it made it seem like it did. You know how your friend gets a new, silver Volkswagen bug…and suddenly, that’s all you see are VW bugs on the road?

I think I’ll need to work with this one more to see if there are any noticeable differences.

Here’s a few affirmations for a writer’s imagination:

  • A colorful imagination makes my writing more interesting.
  • My imagination is fertile ground for creativity in my writing.
  • What I write is even better than I imagine.
  • I use my imagination for positive and creative purposes.
  • My imagination fuels the creations of my words.
  • I have infinite imagination and can visualize the worlds I create with my writing.

Happy creating!


Five Minute Miracle – Guided Meditation


Browsing through You Tube videos for guided meditations, I stumbled upon this one: The Five Minute Miracle. Intrigued, especially since it was only a five minute meditation, I had to check it out.

The focus of the meditation was about using your imagination to create a life full of what you desire. While it didn’t get very detailed, which naturally you can’t do in such a short time frame, it kept repeating the phrase ‘imagination’.

I wondered if this also couldn’t be applied to our writing. After all, isn’t that what our writing is? A world of words created on paper – a result of our writer’s imagination? My first thought was for the fictional tales I’m in the process of weaving. Yet, even non-fiction articles and books require our imagination and creative thought processes to write an intelligent, inspiring, and cohesive work.

Would this work to help open the doors of my imagination wider, prior to my writing session? I’m going to try it for a week. After all, what do I have to lose? It’s only five minutes. Every day this week, before I sit down to write, I’ll commit five minutes to listen this meditation.

Check it out. Take five minutes and see what you think. Do you think the Five Minute Miracle can help us with our writing goals too?

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