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U: Uncommon

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

U: Uncommon

Are these affirmations about writing, or about life? Maybe a little bit of both today. I was probably influenced by another blog I just wrote, about a most unusual, uncommon kind of hiker. Ron Ulrich hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2012 – all 2,660 miles in 26 weeks, wearing 26 different wedding dresses. (See post here, with a picture of him at the end of the trail in his final wedding dress.)

As our writing reflects our life and our own personalities, I’m thinking that the more uniqueness we have in our daily life, the more uncommon our writing will be. And that’s a good thing, to not always be in the middle of the herd, the same as everyone else.

Here are a few affirmations. Use them for your writing. Or, adapt them and use for any aspect of your life.

  • My writing reflects my own unique voice.
  • I make my writing my own.
  • My stories and characters are uncommon and different.
  • I follow my own writing path.
  • My writing shows that I am an uncommon individual, with my own fingerprint in life.
  • I blaze my own trail in my writing career.
  • I meld the best aspects of everything I see into my own uncommon style.


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