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My Writing Process

Today is “My Writing Process” blog tour day, when writers answer questions about their writing process. Last week, fellow author Sherry Gloag posted hers. You can check it out at http://sherrygloagtheheartofromance.blogspot.com/2014/01/my-writing-process-blog-hop.html

Sherry writes contemporary and Regency romances. Many thanks for the invitation, Sherry.

What am I working on?

writingWhat am I NOT working on? In true Gemini fashion I am not content to write in one genre. I have too many WIP’s. Remaining focused and seeing a project through to completion is something I keep striving towards.

Adult Fiction: In adult fiction I have two stories underway, each about half done. Fat and Sassy follows the life of Bea Jones from 1942 to the end of her life in 2003. Calico Connections is set in 1934 in a small farming town.

Adult Non-Fiction: An eBook, Memory Gardens, is in progress and should be released in February. Writer’s Zen and Planting Carrots get periodic additions. I’m also interviewing for a future book (definitely not in 2014), Mothers of Angels.

Young Adult: The Itty Bit’s is completed, but hasn’t found a home yet. Prissy and Paige is in progress, the story of two 14-year old girls that accidently travel back in time to 1901 and help a fascinating woman, Anna Edson Taylor, with her dilemma.

Children’s Stories: Mischievous Mark, Cartwheel Katie, I Wanna and I Want to be a Sweater … completed and out there searching for homes.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I often joke that I don’t ‘see dead people’, I write about dead people. It’s true. A large portion of my writing projects are about people no longer living. Fat and Sassy and Calico Connections are largely based on women who have died. Anna Edson Taylor finds her way into one of my YA manuscripts. Mittie Ann Medlin, who died in 1850, sneaks into blogs and stories. Mittie Ann’s sister, Sarah Medlin, found her way into a short children’s story, Sarah’s Journey, as did sisters Katherine and Marjorie Stinson, in Sisters with Wings.

Why do I write what I do?

writers pillowFor the longest time I was unable to answer this question. I had no idea why these people from the past would enter the recesses of my brain and refuse to leave until I wrote their story.

Reading Finding Your Voice, Telling Your Stories, I saw the words penned by Carol LaChapelle, “… that people die twice: when they physically die, and when we stop telling stories about them.”

Then I knew. I write these stories to keep them alive. Why I’m drawn to certain people from the past – I don’t know. I just know that there is a desire within me to honor these women from the past – helping keep their memories alive.

How does my writing process work?

I don’t search for story ideas, they seem to find me. Alas, story ideas flow in quicker than I can get them written. And the newest ideas always seem the shiniest and most exciting. Thus, the partially written stories and older ideas get relegated to the back burner where they languish, sometimes for years.

Hopefully 2014 changes this. My desire for this year is focus and completion. Check back with me in December, and we’ll see how successful I’ve been.

Sometimes a phrase will catch my attention and a whole story develops around it. Sometimes an overheard conversation is the catalyst. Mittie Ann was from a headstone I ran across in Texas. Annie Edson Taylor was discovered in research I was doing in Chase’s Calendar of Events. Calico Connections came from a set of quilt squares I discovered in a yard sale. Photos in a magazine … news articles … inspiration comes from endless sources.

I have a general outline in mind when I start setting the story to paper. I may have some specific scenes in mind. But I definitely run closer to the ‘pantster’ end of the spectrum instead of the ‘plotter’ end.

I generally write from start to finish without much jumping around. Although, I’m in a fun group of talented writers, Tuesday Tales, which writes to a different word prompt every Tuesday. I’ve discovered that when I’m writing to these prompts I jump around in the story a bit, working on different scenes that will accommodate the weeks prompt best.


I was to find three authors to post next week telling you about their writing process.

Unfortunately, my initial contacts didn’t want to proceed with this post. My ‘pay the bills’ job scheduled their inventory last week, at I ended up with 12-14 hour days and when I dragged my aching legs and tired behind home, I simply didn’t have the energy or mental reserves to sit on the computer and search out three more willing authors. I apologize to Sherry Gloag and the rest of the ‘My Writing Process Blog Tour’ for failing to find three people willing to pick up the pen and continue the quest from my end.

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