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Writer’s Zen: Appreciation Affirmations

Today’s post is a selection from an upcoming book, Writer’s Zen: Affirmations for Writers. Here are some affirmations for your writer’s life. Come back and join us as we share more affirmations for writers – from A to Z.

WZ_I enjoy the stories that sprout and grow in my mind.


I am thankful for my writing opportunities.

I appreciate the support and critiques from my circle of authors and friends.

I am thankful for the passion and inspiration that fuels my writing.

I enjoy the stories that sprout and grow in my mind.

I appreciate the knowledge I learn.

I appreciate the people I encounter, teaching me and expanding my world and bringing new sources of income my way.

I appreciate the plethora of knowledge available to me – helping me grow as a writer.

I am grateful for everything that helps me as a writer.


Writer’s Affirmations: New Year

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  • I embrace the New Year filled with fresh writing opportunities and growth.
  • My writing flourishes in the New Year ahead.
  • Writing brings me pleasure and abundance.
  • I am enthusiastic about a successful year ahead.
  • In this New Year, I remain focused on my writing.
  • I complete projects.
  • I submit queries.
  • Characters, plots, and scenes flow into my consciousness.
  • Prolific and melodious words flow to my fingertips.
  • I eagerly step into the New Year.
  • My writing shines.
  • My writing provides is a source of plentiful income for me and my family.
  • I embrace my craft and its creativity.

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