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K: Kid’s Writing Affirmations

A2Z-BADGE [2016]

K: Kid’s Writing Affirmations

This post shares some affirmations for those writing for children. I had to stretch a little here, I’d normally list it as Writing for Children. But, I needed a ‘K’ word for today’s A to Z Blog Challenge and I was coming up short. So…Kids it is.

And, as usual, modify any of the suggested affirmations to meet your own voice and needs.

once upon a time

I easily get ideas for my children’s stories.

My own experiences are a wonderful source of material.

I choose one idea and sketch it out.

I keep my picture books simple.

I keep the child’s eye view of the world in mind.

The language in my children’s books are rich and interesting.

My children’s writing is short and snappy.

My young readers find plenty of action in my books.

I write words that make pictures.

My young adult writing channels both familiar emotions and unfamiliar experiences.

My young adult writing explores ideas that are meaningful to teens.

The characters I create for children are real and complex.

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