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A to Z: ‘T’ is for TIME

It’s April! That means it’s time for the ‘BLOGGING A to Z CHALLENGE’. Everyday this month (except Sunday) bloggers will be blogging to a theme, using different letter of the alphabet – running, of course, from A to Z.

I’m blogging about WRITER’S ZEN: Where writing and meditation meet.

Meditation and positive affirmations can directly benefit our lives in many aspects. It also can benefit our writing — in the creative aspects, our productivity, our career as an author, our feelings about writing and much more. I’m making a conscious effort to make more time in my life for meditation. I’m also practicing using some of these techniques to improve my writing. Through the A to Z blog challenge, I’m sharing some of mine with you.

Read through the affirmations for each subject. Some will probably resonate with you better than others. Maybe all of them will. Maybe none of them will. We are all on our own paths, having diverse needs at different times. Even on our own individual journey, we still require different words and messages on different days.

Pick one or two thoughts that speak to you. Sit quietly for a few moments. Repeat the affirmations to yourself. Say them aloud. Reflect on how these thoughts affect your life and your writing. Are there roadblocks in your life that is stopping the goodness from entering? Are we in any way allowing this roadblock to exist? Are we putting it there ourselves? Open your mind to allowing new possibilities to present themselves.

If a phrase feels more needed, copy it onto an index card or post-it note. Keep it with you, in the car, or on the computer. Repeat throughout the day, reinforcing the message.

Give it a try! Let me know if these help your writing, or if you have any thoughts on affirmations that would be useful to use in your daily life.

Happy Writing!

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A to Z: ‘T’ is for TIME

Time; it shows no distinctions. Rich or poor, healthy or ill – we all get the same amount. Twenty four hours a day. 1,440 minutes. 86,400 seconds.

I choose to use a small segment of my daily allotment for one of my loves – writing.

Some days it may be five or ten minutes. Some days it may be several hours.

I choose to use a portion of my time to write, consistently every day.

I may write. I may research. I may outline. I may edit. I may brainstorm.

I honor my writing by creating time in my day for my craft.

I am a writer. It is part of me.

Every day I honor my writing by creating time in my life for my craft. Each day, every day, I write.

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