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Break The Rules — Write, Be Free

I’ve been a writer all my life. Ever since I learned how to write those first clumsy alphabet letters I knew what was my purpose. First there were poems, than stories, than poems again and then both. But no matter what I did, I could never write long chapters. I tried, I tought I was […]

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Memory Lane: Memoir and Reverse Writing

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

By: Marilyn L. Davis

“I took a trip down Memory Lane. I drove in reverse.” ― Jarod Kintz, Sleepwalking is Restercise

While humorous, Jarod Kintz often captures concepts and ideas and re-frames them in an amusing way. However, going in reverse is exactly what we do in writing a memoir. We have the advantage of living through the events and writing about them in hindsight.

nearer than they appear car mirror

But just as objects are distorted, and our perception altered in a reverse mirror, so are our memories. We are now filtering the experience through what we know today. And the important thing is that we know the outcome; something we didn’t know during the event.

That may seem like a subtle difference; living the event versus writing about the experience, but this difference is what can make memoir appealing or just a rehash of the facts and perceptions. It’s the modifications of the event…

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